Our Story: Seema & Max

Life and Family


Tell us the story of how you two met: Who introduced you? What was your first date?

Max: We met using a dating app named Coffee Meets Bagel. The app pairs two people

who are somehow connected through Facebook friends once a day. We met at Urth Caffe

for coffee for our first date.

Seema: We matched up in December 2014 through the Coffee Meets Bagel app. Max

actually wanted to go wine tasting for our first date but I stated that I didn’t want to get

drunk in the afternoon, so we went to Urth Caffe in the afternoon for some coffee. We

chatted over Spanish lattes.

How did he propose?

Max: With some butterflies in my stomach. Seema knew that I planned to propose on the

day that it happened. She told me which engagement ring to get. It turns out that

was a good thing because we apparently have different tastes in rings. I proposed

on my 30th birthday and had planned a big party that I called my birthday party but was

really our engagement party.

Seema: Max proposed to me at a lighthouse in San Pedro. The first gift he gave to me was a

lighthouse necklace so it came full circle when he decided to propose to me there. He called

me his lighthouse which was heartwarming. I knew he was going to propose that day but it

was still magical and exciting. We had a huge bash that night with all our family and

friends. It was also special as it was Max’s birthday that day, so we had so many reasons to



What’s your favorite thing about him? What’s your favorite thing about her?

Max: My favorite thing about Seema is her passion for life.

Seema: My favorite thing about Max is his tireless, selfless and generous attitude


Where did you go on your honeymoon?

Maui, Hawaii


Wedding Details


Why did you choose [seven-degrees]? What stood out to you?

Max: I knew that [seven-degrees] was the perfect venue for our wedding because of its

location, the professional and friendly staff, and the space and audio-visual equipment.

Seema: I actually attended a wedding here about 10-12 years ago and the space stayed with

me since that time. I knew I had to look it up when it was my time to get married, and we

knew it was the perfect place for us to get married when we did a tour of the facility.


What is your favorite memory from your wedding?

Max: I loved seeing how happy Seema was throughout the day. She loves to dance and

was able to spend time on the dance floor with so many of her friends and family.

Seema: I enjoyed having so much of both our family and friends from across the globe all

together in one space enjoying a beautiful day of love, celebration and fun. Reading my

vows that I wrote for Max in front of all of my family and friends was very special for me.


Max: We had an outside caterer prepare food for our cocktail hour and reception. People

loved the food. We heard great things about the quality of the drinks. After the initial

rush to the bars, it seemed like the bartending staff was able to get people drinks very

quickly. I was impressed with the staff of [seven-degrees] throughout the entire day. They

were always there when we need them.

Seema: The food was provided by an outside Indian caterer and it was fantastic. Everyone

loved the drinks and they were prepared well and quickly. All of the staff at 7 degrees were

amazing. They were attentive, quick to get things done and always inquiring as to how

things were going.


What do people still talk about/remember from your wedding?

Max: Our guests seemed to have a great time at our wedding. The venue, food, and

entertainment are brought up to this day.

Seema: Our guests really enjoyed our wedding and talk about how beautiful the decor and

venue was, how much they enjoyed our master of ceremony Albert Lin and also many of

our vendors (DJ, caterer, entertaining dancers etc.) so basically they enjoyed all of it 🙂


Why did you choose your wedding date – any significance?

Max: We chose our wedding date based on a combination of a desire to get married before

the holidays and needing at least 9 months to plan our wedding.

Seema: Yes, the wedding date was a practical combination of being before major holidays

but still giving us enough time to get everything done.


What piece of advice do you have for couples planning their weddings?

Max: Either find more hours in the day or become more efficient with planning. There are

so many venues, vendors, guests, and other important things to take care of throughout the

planning process. Learning how to quickly get information and then decisively choose

your venue, photographer, DJ, etc., is key to actually feeling in control of the wedding

planning process.

Seema: Take it one step at a time. Find your venue first, then from there see if they can

provide catering, photography, music, etc. It can save you so much time if the venue can

provide in house services that are vetted and used by the venue.


What piece of advice do you have for couples on marriage?

Max: Enjoy spending time with your spouse without preconceived expectations of what

marriage in general should be or how your marriage should go. Feel grateful for learning

new things about your spouse each day.

Seema: Honor your spouse and dedicate each day to finding ways to make them happy or

to help them in some way. Realize that each decision you make can either help or hurt your

relationship, so choose wisely as your choices affect more than just your life now.


Future Details


What has changed in your years of marriage?

Max: We have been married for one year. While certain details have changed, we are

lucky to still have each other and our wonderful family and friends around us.

Seema: At our first year anniversary, I feel as though my love for max has grown so much

since we got married. I am truly lucky to have met and married him.


Have you had any kids or grown your fur baby family since the wedding?

Yes, we adopted an adorable bunny named Justin Toobee.


What are your plans and goals in the next 5 years of marriage?

Max: I would love to have children.

Seema: We would love to grow our family by having children