2018 Wedding Trends

2018 Wedding Trends

2018 Wedding Trends

7 Wedding Trends from Seven Degrees

Here are the top 2018 wedding trends that we’re seeing this year!

1. Navy is the New Neutral

Move over black, grey or tan – Navy is taking center stage as the new staple neutral. We’re seeing navy bridesmaid dresses and navy napkin accents this year. This blue hue is the perfect juxtaposition of being subtle and tasteful, while also being bold and beautiful. Navy pairs well with peach, cream, lush greenery, pastels and more!

2018 Wedding Trends

2. Signature Eats and Experiential Dining

The signature cocktail seemed like it was here to stay, but more and more couples are shifting over to signature dishes and unique food to wow their guests. Our Seven Degrees culinary team can take your wedding food dreams to new delightful heights. Our customizable menus can make just about any foodie drool with delight. Let the menu speak for itself. Entertain your guests with food stations throughout the reception, or chef assistant carving stations for that delicious prime rib.

2018 Wedding Trends

3. Creative Desserts

Donut walls are out – elegant, intricate dessert tables are in. Get creative with dessert! Offer an assortment of interesting creations. Ice cream bars, popsicles, or custard anyone? We are so happy to see wedding cakes making a come back. The cake cutting ceremony is becoming a more sentimental aspect for couples to create pictures like their parents had from their wedding.

2018 Wedding Trends

4. Silver and Chrome as Main Metallics

Mixed metals are still very much in style, but many couples are leaning towards silver and chrome accents this year. We’re loving the classic feel of silver accents! The modern architecture of Seven Degrees lends itself well to the silver accents.

2018 Wedding Trends

5. Elegant Wedding Ceremony

We’re seeing the return of the elegant, traditional wedding ceremony. The return to formality and classic events is very exciting. Hints of sparkle, sharp tuxedos and luscious florals are making their return to the wedding scene.

2018 Wedding Trends

6. Practical and Personal Wedding Favors

Many couples are opting to forego wedding favors all together. But the favors we’ve seen have been absolutely perfect. We’re seeing lots of personal favors of essential oils or soaps. Keeping in line with the return of a traditional ceremony and cake cutting ceremony, couples are making the wedding favor a unique personal touch for their guests.

2018 Wedding Trends

7. Ultra Violet – Ultra Bold

The 2018 Pantone Color of the Year speaks to our souls here at Seven Degrees. We’re beyond excited for this color trend. Of all the 2018 wedding trends, this one is our favorite. Check out our blog to explore more of this color trend!

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