Wedding Budget Tips

Planning a wedding can be stressful, not to mention a financial strain on you and your family. The goal is to find a healthy balance between splurging on extravagance and penny pinching your dream wedding away. Ultimately, you want to plan the perfect party to celebrate your marriage with your friends and family. Here are some helpful tips from our Seven Degrees wedding coordination team to make your wedding budget meaningful.


Celebrate with a brunch wedding

Brandon Kidd Photography - Brunch Wedding

Cake & Champagne are the perfect substitute for an expensive dinner reception. Why not celebrate with mimosas and a lovely brunch with your family and friends? Who says you can’t dance in the afternoon?

PC: Lin & Jirsa Photography Planner: The Lynden Lane Co



Create a music playlist and utilize the venue’s state-of-the-art sound system rather than hire a DJ

Brandon Kidd Photography_0674 - DJ MC

Here at Seven Degrees we pride ourselves in having a top notch sound system in our Media Lounge. Grab a reliable friend or two to MC the evening and play your favorite hits through our sound system. We don’t compromise on sound here, your tunes will be rockin’ as if there was a full band present.

PC: Brandon Kidd Photography



Find a one-stop-shop to save yourself time, money and stress

Gerahty_Dirks_NicoleCaldwellStudio_0959_low - one stop shop

Find a venue that will make all the pieces fall into place. At Seven Degrees, we offer a trusted list of preferred vendors to choose from. Our full-service coordination team is here to make your wedding dreams a reality. We provide a dedicated coordinator throughout the planning process, a day-of coordinator, and full service staff to serve you on your special day. Our team sets up your décor and takes it down at the end of the night – so take that weight off your shoulders and enjoy your event as the guest of honor!

PC: Nicole Caldwell Photography Studio & Kip Roof Photoartist Florals: Florals by Jenny



Only splurge on your must-have! Food is your number one? Hire the best and keep the rest minimal

0343-ABC-7-Degrees-Event-Photography - Must-Have food

When planning your wedding budget, always remember you get what you pay for. With that in mind, pick your number one must have when prioritizing your budget. Do you want your guests to be talking about your menu for years to come? Will it be the photos? Is it the dress?  Pick your priority and create your budget around it.

PC: Lin & Jirsa Photography Planner: The Lynden Lane Co Florals: Keith J Laverty



Keep your inner DIY Queen at bay. Let the venue speak for itself, keeping your décor minimal, chic and classic.

Brandon Kidd Photography - Minimal Decor

Trips to the craft store can be therapeutic. They can also be stress town central. We recommend not trying to DIY your entire wedding. Your bridesmaids will thank you. Be intentional about your purchases. Less is always more. Often, your extensive DIY items will be tossed at the end of the evening. In many cases, your guests won’t remember the embroidered, embossed, cross-stitched, Mason jar escort card you made for each and every seat. They’ll remember they cried during your ceremony, drank yummy drinks and danced all night long.

PC: Brandon Kidd Photography



Enjoy dessert that doubles as a favor. Donut bar, anyone?

Gerahty_Dirks_NicoleCaldwellStudio_0974_low - dessert party favor

We’ve told you that the donut bar is the new food truck. And they can also be your party favors! Specialty donuts, cupcakes or s’mores bars can absolutely double as a delicious party favor for guests to enjoy on the ride home.

PC: Nicole Caldwell Photography Studio & Kip Roof Photoartist Florals: Florals by Jenny



Celebrate on a Sunday or weekday during our venue’s offseason, any day can be made truly special!

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Celebrating on Thursday is no longer taboo. Four day weekend anyone? Make your wedding a mini-destination for your guests to enjoy some extra time away.

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Save the loan for your future home together.

NicoleCaldwellStudio - save your loan for future

Keep a healthy balance of making your special day memorable and having enough left over for your future together. Sticking to a budget for your wedding means you can wait and take out a personal loan for another big event in your new life together.

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