A Secret 10 Year Anniversary Celebration

At Seven-Degrees, we have hosted all types of weddings and celebrations over the years. And it is easy to forget that for each wedding we host, Seven-Degrees really becomes a place where the happy couple will always share their memories of their first day as a husband and wife. We see the “once upon a time…” of a couple’s new life on a weekly basis, but every so often we are treated with a glimpse into the happily ever after.

This past Saturday we had a small, private 10th wedding anniversary celebration. Josh Stoddard surprised his wife, Lisa, by bringing her to Seven-Degrees where they were married on November 4th, 2005.
He had already planned a slide show and a first dance to add to the romance of it all. The slide show included pictures of the past ten years of their marriage, photos of their four-year-old daughter, Delilah, and their dog Sloane. The slide show also included their first dance song which they danced to. We opened a bottle of champagne to celebrate. The whole room was in tears over the precious moment, and our Production Manager Tabatha toasted with them. Tabatha was the wedding coordinator for Josh and Lisa ten years ago and recently returned to us a few months back so it was absolutely perfect for everyone to be together again.

To see such a beautiful couple sharing their lives together was really a treat for us here at Seven-Degrees.

Josh & Lisa, we wish you another ten (times ten!) happy years of marriage. Thank you for sharing your special days with us.

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