A picture perfect Seven-Degrees Wedding anniversary – Heather and Rommel

Heather and Rommel Seven-Degrees Wedding

Photo Credit: Martin Ngo

It was a treat celebrating with Heather & Rommel for their 1-year anniversary! They had a picture perfect Seven-Degrees wedding and wanted to share this special occasion with us. Congratulations, Heather and Rommel! We wish you many more anniversaries to come.

“Heather and I first met about 14 years ago during one of her cousin’s birthdays which was being held at a bar I DJ’ed at. That night I also learned that some of my good friends were her cousins, too. Through out the years we would see each other here and there at various functions and even her family’s parties. For years I would try to pursue her but she always brushed me off. Finally after 10 years we decided to give it a shot, with help from her sister and cousins.

After about 2 years of dating I thought it was time to make it real and ask her to marry me. When I received her parents blessings I started to think of ways to propose to her…After some more thought I decided to take a page from the tv show FRIENDS. I bought a bunch of candles and I was going to light them and spread it around our house before she came home from work. She was definitely surprised when she came home that day. There was some crying (I even cried, too) and I got down on one knee and proposed. She said YES!

Heather was looking at different wedding venues online and ran across Seven-Degrees. After meeting with Lauren and taking a tour we were hooked. We liked the atmosphere, accommodations and being able to do the ceremony and reception at the same place. Man there was a lot of different memories from our wedding day and everything happened so fast. The one thing that stood out the most was when I first got to see Heather for the first time in her beautiful wedding dress while we were taking our first look photos. And of course us becoming husband and wife.” – Rommel


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