Life & Family

Life & Family

Tell us the story of how you two met: Who introduced you? What was your first date?

We met through a mutual friend, but really through a camp we helped out with and were both staff on. Our official first date was Disneyland!

How did he propose?

Near the Montage in Laguna Beach on one knee. That’s why Laguna Beach has a special place in our Heart.

What’s your favorite thing about him? What’s you favorite thing about her?

Scott – He’s a leader who follow through on what he says he will do.
Lisa – She’s someone who I really respect as a person and she challenges me to be a better person.

Where did you go on your honeymoon?

Oahu, Hawaii.

Wedding Details

Why did you choose [seven-degrees]? What stood out to you?

The video presentation sold us. We’re “city folks” so we liked to be wowed with the colored lights and special effects. Also, the venue speaks for itself. We wanted Ann all-encompassing venue that could host the ceremony and the reception. It was the perfect hybrid of modern and classy.

What is your favorite memory from the wedding?

I just remember having fun. There were no hiccups, smooth as can be.
Our wedding party told us we seemed so calm and stress-free because we were.

What can you say about the food? Drinks? The Staff? Your experience?

The food was great. We still get compliments to this day. The customization by the in-house culinary staff was top notch. The staff was great. We worked primarily with Alyssa at the time and I seriously don’t remember her saying “no” once! We have such fond memories to this day fortunately captured in print and video if we get old and forget.

What do people still talk about/remember from your wedding?

The food and the venue. I agree because food can either heighten or ruin your wedding day. As for the venue it was so unique and fit our personalities.

Why did you choose your wedding date? Any Significance?

Not really I mean we wanted a summer wedding, but it was about one year from when he proposed.

What piece of advice do you have for couples planning their wedding?

The wedding really isn’t for you, it’s for your guests. Enjoy it, but make it memorable, easy and efficient experience for those who attend. Do your homework ahead of time and make sure you do the prep so when it comes to the day you can actually enjoy it.

What piece of advice do you have for couples on marriage?

The wedding is just the start, You have so much more life to live with your partner and it’s not a sprint, but a marathon. Be willing to compromise, challenge and serve the one you love. It”s one of the most important decision in you’ll make in your lifetime so be sure about it.

Future Details

What has changed in your years of marriage?

First we have two kids. Our careers have pivoted to accommodate spending the most time we can with our family. The phase of having young kids is though on your marriage, but we know it’s a stage that will pass. We try our best to sacrifice for the greatest good of the family.