Corporate Event Trends and Ideas for 2016

Our very talented Sales and Production Teams would love to help you make your next corporate event stand out from the crowd. When you spend the time and money to do a corporate event, it has to be done in a way that suits your brand and audience, while still surprising them. Here are seven ways to entertain and amaze your guests…

  1. Vintage Details — Juxtapose elegant and welcoming vintage pieces with professional modern elements and spaces to create an engaging and unique space. Vintage “Edison” strung lights are the perfect touch.
  2. Food stations & Branded Desserts — Stations with small bite cuisine create a more exciting culinary experience, keeping people mingling instead of sitting stagnant. Also, a mini dessert bar lets party-goers indulge their sweet tooth easily while socializing.
  3. Color Branding — Brand your event like you brand your company. Match decor, arrangements, table settings and even food to your signature color.
  4. Interactive Mixology — Get your guests involved with interactive drink making at your event. A “Mule” bar is an easy and fun solution. Have ginger beers, limes and lemons at hand. Then allow guests to choose from Vodka Moscow Mule), Whiskey (Kentucky Mule), or Tequila (Tijuana Mule).
  5. Social Lounge Areas — The point of any event is great conversation and experiences with great people. Make sure you have inviting lounge areas that encourage socializing. Here’s a great example from one of our recent events we planned and hosted here at Seven-Degrees.
  6. Sustainable Floral Arrangements — Wildflowers and succulents create a beautiful decoration and are a more sustainable solution. At Seven-Degrees, our landscaping is covered with beautiful succulent gardens like this one.
  7. Wow Moment — Create a focal point or a moment of grand reveal. At this soiree, we featured a company’s vintage plane. It sparked conversation about the company’s history and was a great photo opp!


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Seven-Degrees Corporate Event Trends of 2016