Chris & Tabatha

[seven-degrees] Day Dreams to Reality

Tabatha Wilson, our very own Senior Sales Manager, has worked with Seven-Degrees for
almost 15 years. (Including a short Eat,Pray,Love sabbatical) Tabatha has successfully
executed hundreds of weddings… but this time it was a little different. Instead of ensuring the
aisle was perfectly prepared with every last detail for someone else, this time she was the one
walking down the aisle. Today, we sit down with the new Mrs. Robosan as she reflects on her
own wedding experience with the venue she has grown to know and love over the years.
“I’ve had so many brides thank me and tell me it was the best day of their lives. I truly never
understood what they meant until my day finally arrived and I married my best friend. You could
not wipe the smile off my face that day and I felt so much joy knowing that I was marrying my
love, with all my friends and family there to be a part of our celebration.”

The Ceremony

“Working at Seven-Degrees for so many years I would daydream about my own wedding
ceremony as I sent every bride down the aisle. My visions included having gospel singers
serenade me as I walked down the hillside alongside my late dad. Sometimes our dreams aren’t
exactly the way the universe will deliver though. Having my brother walk me down the aisle was
the way it was meant to be all along. My brother’s humor, love, and strength was everything I
needed as we watched everyone we love take their seats to be a part of the ceremony to join
Chris and I together forever. Having my dad’s daily mantra wrapped around my bouquet was the
perfect way of him being with me. Thank you to one of my closest friends Suha for such a
precious gift.
Our officiant, Stan Doll wrote the perfect ceremony. He absolutely captured who we are and we
are forever grateful for such a meaningful ceremony that evoked many laughs and a few tears.
And a huge thank you to Joe Rivera for coming in to save the day and deliver Stan’s’ words so
eloquently and being such an important part of our big day with such grace. My sister in law,
Rachel wrote a beautiful explanation of the triangle for our ceremony that perfectly explained the
significance of the shape not only for the theme of our wedding but more importantly as a
foundation for our marriage. I also wanted to include a biblical verse to reflect our Christian
beliefs. My sister, Kim picked a very fitting verse from the book of Ruth and wrote wonderful
words to go along with it.
Writing our own vows was a must for me. I started my vows months in advance which included
lots of notes, an outline, and a couple rough drafts before committing them into my vow book.
Chris, on the other hand, was writing them in our hotel suite patio the morning of our wedding as
I was getting my hair and makeup done. This is how we roll and balance each other — and it
only makes me a little crazy.

The Reception

“The toasts were absolutely perfect. Our friend, Paul delivered a thoughtful and funny toast and
thankfully left out the roast material that would have made both of us hide under the sweetheart
table. Then came our friend Jenny with whom I actually met at Seven-Degrees. She was a
wedding coordinator for many years and we worked hand and hand to create and execute many
Seven-Degrees weddings together. When the screens started coming down, I knew we were in
for a treat, but had no idea she wrote and illustrated our very own children’s book. So many
laughs and tears and new nicknames like Foxatha, Turtlesan, and Hannah Hare are now here
to stay. My brother Joe came in next with his toast from the heart and it was everything. And the
tribute to my Dad continued when Joe and I danced to a song very special to us, Shooting Star
by Bad Company.
Then it was time to eat! A huge shout out to Seven-Degrees and our very talented Executive
Chef Steve Covern, Marcus and Debra for making the most delicious comfort food buffet that I
am still receiving compliments about.
Thank you to the lovely Tiffany Tsang who was the best coordinator ever. Every detail (and
there were a lot) were handled with such care and precision. I truly did not have one care or
stress the entire day. Also, a special thank you to our event assistant, Sam Lundy for all of her
help to make our day so beautiful.
The gorgeous cake was made by the brilliant Tyler owner of Paper Street Cake and was the
best compliment to our triangle theme.
Dance Party
“Incorporating a big dance floor and upbeat music DJ’d by RIcky Hayes with Vox DJ was a
must. I even wore sparkle sneakers to make sure my feet could handle dancing all night. We
had such a blast dancing with everyone! Thank you to Viral Booth for all the awesome and
unforgettable photos. And the best way to end the night was with sparklers! Thank you to each
and every friend, family member, and talented vendor that together made this the best day of
my life.”

Short Reflection

“I am still on a high that I married my true love on April 20th. We are ALL IN and I absolutely
loved every moment of our wedding ceremony. A special thank you to Nicole Caldwell and Mike
with Mission Visual for capturing these precious moments on film for us to cherish forever.”


Venue: Seven-Degrees
Coordination: Seven-Degrees Tiffany Tsang
Catering & Bar: Seven-Degrees
Photography: Nicole Caldwell Photography Studio
Videography: Mission Visual
DJ: @VOXDJ Ricky Hayes
Gospel Singers: Wendy Fuld
Officiant: Joining Hearts Weddings Stan Doll Joe Rivera Jr
Rentals: Square Root Designs
Art: Michael Phillips
Florals: Mayesh Wholesale Florist Tabatha Wilson
Photobooth: Viral Booth OC
Cake: Paper Street Cake
Hair: Lois Kinsey Hair Whisperer