TirePunk Send Off with Carlos Guitarlos

Carlos Guitarlos performs at Seven-Degrees

This Friday night October 30th from 6-9pm marks the end of Marilynn Pardee’s TirePunk show here at Seven-Degrees and we are going to close it out in style with a Free event open to the public. Blues and Americana legendary musician, Carlos Guitarlos, will be making an appearance for the send-off. Known for his lively sense of spirit and soulful singing, this long-bearded artist will be shredding classic blues, rock, and original pieces on his guitar. Accompanied by Pardee’s iron framed pieces which are all created from tire prints that are applied directly onto paper and framed by welded iron and recycled car parts; Guitarlos’s music will give the evening a deeply rooted American vibe.

Guitarlos has performed with many blues legends over the years including Gene Taylor, Bill Campbell, and Top Jimmy. Mike Varney, the founder of Shrapnel Records Group, has called Carlos Guitarlos “…one of the greatest Blues/Americana guitarists of our time and he might just be a better singer than guitar player.” Guitarlos is a natural entertainer by personality and often wins the heart of the audience with his lighthearted humor and passionate vocals. Behind each song he writes is a story and one that he’s likely willing to share including ballads he wrote when he thought he was on his death bed. His personality is playful, but his music can be stirring, and you shouldn’t be surprised if you suddenly find yourself moved.

The event itself will take place between 6-9pm this Friday night. We couldn’t think of a better way to send off Marilynn Pardee’s TirePunk show, and welcome all for a last chance to see. We have made this celebration available to the public, so bring your art-gazing friends, your bluesy buddies, and enjoy a complimentary buffet and cash bar with Guitarlos music and entertainment.Carlos Guitarlos performs at Seven-Degrees guitarlos2

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